Monday, June 14, 2010

WTF whoa!I

Its been quite a while since I have posted a blog. I dont even know where to begin. The past 2 days have been insane, really. I have yet ANOTHER guy problem, only this time, it's a different guy.

So HT guy (the one that I previously mentioned as having a HUGE crush on) is in a band. And in the band, there is a guy who has been talking to me a lot lately. At first he was being really sweet and nice and polite and stuff. But then, he started being gross, I mean GROSS. He started sending me text messages last night with suggestive material as to what he wants to do with me. And it was pretty graphic. It made me really uncomfortable. I told him that too. So we just made casual conversation the rest of the night. Well today we were texting just about me being upset about my debit card issue, and he started asking me what panties I had on! EW! SO I was like Dude, stop it. You cant say those things to me and you are making me uncomfortable. So I ignored the rest of his texts for the day. I dont know what to do.

In the mean time, I was texting HT guy all morning. He is so sweet and nice and was there for me today when I needed someone to talk to about my debit card.*

*SIDENOTE: My debit card had purchases on it that I did not make, and I had to get a new card and it cost $30 so I can get it here in time before I leave for vacation. Also, I had to freeze the account so no other charges will be made. SO basically it is back to old school with paying for things and getting money out and stuff. PAIN IN THE ASS!*

So anyway, Im just like how do I deal with this situation? Do I tell mr HT that his band mate has been creeping me out and hitting on me and stuff? I dont wanna tear their band apart and their friendship, but I also dont want to keep anything from HT guy. I guess for now I will ignore the one guy and not mention anything to HT guy.

And I am going to this cd release thing of theirs on Wednesday, so I have to see both of them and I know itll be awkward with the one guy. I just wanna get HT guy alone and kiss him so badly! I think we both know that the other likes each other. We just know it cant be because of life isnt letting us. So we remain friends. Frustrating, but I am certainly NOT going to have a booty call relationship with the other guy to satisfy my urges. HELL NO!

I guess thats all for now. I go to Cali in 11 days, hopefully with a new debit card and no stress. We will see. Laters.


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