Thursday, May 6, 2010

things are looking up, finally

Well it has been some time since the last post. I have gotten over my deep, crazy "love" for the one guy. Actually, we hung out a couple of times, FINALLY. I am still pretty attracted to him, but I know that he is not boyfriend material. I really enjoy his friendship, or the friendship that we are developing through all of this. And I met and hung out with one of his friends who is really cool.

Stalker boy, aka creepy...the one I work with has now evolved into a person who just disgusts me. I cant stand being in the same building as him. He constantly stares at me from afar. Or he will find a reason to be near me or just plain follow me around. He freaks me out. Ew. If he continues, I will have to call HR on him. Which reminds me...I need to delete him from my facebook. brb...

Okay, I deleted AND blocked his ass. No more miss nice girl.

I had a really weird day. I was tired and had soooo much caffeine throughout the day to try and keep me awake. Its not working though. So I went to drive home and the guy in front of me was being so damn slow! Then when I get home, I see that the windows are home, and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and go to sleep in the cold air conditioning. So I got inside and raised hell at my mom. Then went in my room and couldnt find my under armour pants. But I chilled out for an hour and calmed down a bit. But then at dinner, I got upset and cried because my car is dying and my dad is on my case about it because I asked to borrow mom's tomorrow to go to a far away concert with someone. And I never ask for anything! Im the good kid who gets all the pressure put on me because my older sister is a screw up.

So now I am sitting in my room, drinking my 5th diet coke of the day, listening to the Birthday Massacre pandora station. Im a hot mess. :(

Until another time...

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