Monday, May 17, 2010

and here's what happened, in case you missed it...

Time for another crazy update on the ever dramatic life of this gleamo girl.

Things with the creeper/stalker/whatever you wanna call him are still a pain in my ass. I had found out from another girl I worked with that he was telling people "im so happy joelle and i never got involved cuz i love my girlfriend so much!" and "it was all her coming on to me and i had to tell her i just wanted to be friends"...OMG!!!!!!! Are you f'n serious?!?!? He is a nut job. So I had to work with him a whole 10-7 shift at work. I decided that I should attempt to be nicer since I have been making his life hell. But then I found that out and it pissed me off so I called him out on it. And he was like "i never said that about you coming on to me. I pinky swear", as he tried to grab my hand I said "ew, dont touch me". He denied it all. Freak. He is just so damn annoying! I even told him is cologne was going to make me barf since he wears so much of it! EW! He still remains blocked on my facebook.

As for the other guy, I thought things were going well until I went to see his band play. Well, lets back up a bit...

Last week I went into his store with Tia and brought him a coffee. He was really sweet and nice and told me to come back the next day to an acoustic show they were having. So I did. I showed up with Joni and it was cool. He talked to us like the whole time and was really sweet and stuff. But then Joni and I went to his show on Friday night.

We showed up like a half hour early and he wasnt there yet. He showed up with a girl in his passenger side. A girl which he did not introduce to me, and she wasnt really around at all the whole night. But anywho, it was all good. I took pics and video and bought a tshirt and stuff. I just left with a bad feeling in my gut. And then the next day he didnt text. And yesterday he didnt text. And today I posted the videos and pics and texted him that I did. All I got was "awesome thank u". I dont get it. Oh well.

I am going to stop all of this stressing out over him. Its not good for me, especially when I am trying to sort out all of this nonsense with my bipolar issues and such. No bueno.

I guess that's all for now. Another update will come eventually. For now, I'm out.

xoxo gleamo girl.

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