Wednesday, April 14, 2010

this went better than i thought, or so i think

Well another day went by with the ignoring of mister coworker. I kind of made myself feel sick over it like all evening. Then I talked to one of my friends at work, and she suggested I send him an explanation text. So I did...

me: Hi. You are probably wondering why I am giving you the cold shoulder. To be honest, the other night at the movies you made me feel really uncomfortable. I felt that you crossed the line with the touching and staring. I think we need to take some time and chill out if we are going to salvage this friendship.

him: Sorry I didnt mean to make you feel uncomfortable :(

me: well you did. we are not and were not ever dating and you were acting like we were! This is why I didnt want to hang out with you anymore.

him: Sorry and thats fine we dont have to hang out

So thats whats going on with the saga. I havent heard from him today, and I doubt I will. And I dont have to see him till Saturday at work...

On the other story, the other guy, I decided to send him a text like 15 minutes ago. "hi" it said. I regret it. I never should have sent it. He seems to not like ever respond to anything I say, so it looked desperate of me. Oops. I will let you know what happens with that. Till then. Im out.

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