Tuesday, April 13, 2010

oh well :/

Well I've gone and dug myself into a big messy hole. I guess this is how it started...

I'm not sure if I previously blogged about this. But I will do a recap of the Saturday night story. So I was desperate to hang out with someone, anyone. And I called upon the guy I work with. I decided to pick him up at his house. His cologne was making me feel sick. He had WAY too much of it on. I really wanted Smoothie King, so I drove us there. We got there at 10 till 9pm. Got smoothies, and drank them outside. Everything was fine. I was sort of happy, and we were getting along as friends. Then we got back into the car and drove around looking for something else to do. BAD idea. We decided to go see Clash of the Titans, which I really wanted to see. At 10pm. I am NOT a night person. I get sleepy and crabby. Well the whole friggin movie, he kept staring at me and it was pissing me off! He would ask me "are you ok?" and say "dont fall asleep" over and over for 2 hours! That wasnt the worst part. He was like rubbing my leg and it was making me feel incredibly uncomfortable! I kept trying to move and he would proceed to move with me and try to grab my hand and/leg. I was really mad and just wanted to get out of there because I could not enjoy the movie. So as soon as it was over, we got in the car and I put on the music. I dropped him off and gave him a hug and left. I couldnt even look him in the eyes.

The next day, Sunday, he texted me repeatedly. At first I ignored it, then went for the one word answers. He kept asking me "whats wrong?" which makes me mad!!!!! So I just pretended to fall asleep.

Then yesterday, Monday, I was dreading 5 because that was when he came in, and I had an hour left. He texted me in the morning and I ignored it. I also went around and told all of my friends of his attempts at coming on to me, and how he was a big creep. Not sure why I did that, but part of me is like this sinister person who wants to ruin the lives of people whom I cant stand. SO when he got there, I pretended like I was having a bad day or something and completely ignored him. But I was laughing and having a blast with all of the other people I work with. 6 came and I peaced out of the place. I didnt hear from him the rest of the night.

But in the meantime, I heard from the other guy who I really like, and I will see him Friday night at a local band show. Its going to be awesome to be around friends and hot guys! Loving life!!!!

SO I know what I did was wrong, but I really just wanted to get rid of him! I think it is working. I hope he quits! I just want him fully out of my life! FOREVER!

Thats it for now little readers. Until the next tale of a romantic hot mess, gleamo girl is out!

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