Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter, eyebrows, and evny

Today is Easter. Yay! Everyone at work got the day off, and it was NOT a paid day! (I thought it was and I was all excited at first, now Im just blah) So I will be attending church, then home for a meal. Easter hasnt really been a favorite holiday of mine. I just like the candy! (cadbury mini eggs are the best!)

So I am growing out my eyebrows so that I can give them a new shape. It is TORTURE! I hate that I cant tweeze them where I used to because I need them to grow back in those places.

And on the guy side of things, I am still hanging out with the guy from previous blogs. However, not outside of work. Sounds lame, but I figure it would be easier for us both if we werent alone and able to make bad choices. So we just love our little teasing flirting game that we play to each other at work. And I decided, he is pretty much my "guy bff".

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