Tuesday, March 30, 2010

you're so vain!

I have decided to try and make this blogging thing a normal routine event. So I am still hanging out with that guy. Yes, the one that I kissed while buzzed off of margaritas. After the whole saga with the texting saying things like “we need to keep a good working relationship” and “I am not interested in getting involved with anyone”, I continue to hang out with him. Why? Because I feel good around him. Mainly because he likes me. And the more and more I hang out with him, I start to like him. And DAMN HE SMELLS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Its hard to tell if this is mainly a cry of loneliness and just wanting someone mainly to fill the void that Sean once filled. That and maybe it is because he is convenient. Im not even attracted him looks wise. I just like having someone to hang out with. Its really hard though because I can see myself kissing him (again lol). And I have no self control. I just feel like I am going to end up at that point tonight, and I don’t want it to get awkward. And talking about things is so much harder in front of the actual person. I would rather just text my life away. I am so into the new age that I have a horrible time actually interacting with real live people.

Well, we are going for ice cream tonight, then who knows what else. I am not into “shooting pool”, so we wont be doing that. And this is so vain of me, but I don’t wanna walk around the mall in fear that someone might recognize me and say something. I would rather keep this thing between he and I a secret. I don’t want the world to know that I have this guy in my back pocket.

OMG and we have completely different styles too! He is all like into ghetto style, and Im like this rocker emo chick. We soooooo do not go together! The song “You’re so Vain” came on at work today and I said “this song is about me!!!” That’s pretty bad.

Well I am out of time! I gotta go pick this feller up! I will inform you readers of what happens next in this crazy story.

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