Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I could spend hours in front of my computer. I could sit at this desk for an entire day, and not get up except for getting a fresh can of diet coke and a pee break every few hours. Is it wrong that I love being completely by myself for long periods of time?

Anyway, there are a lot of things on my "to do" list that I need to actually get motivation to do lol. And here is that list.

1. play with the wii ea active game i bought myself to help me lose the 40 i want to lose in 5 months.

2. start moving forward with the online magazine idea.

3. get the plans in order for this kick start video (i am trying to raise $5k so i can move to los angeles.

4. actually decorate my room. it is so plain right now and it looks sad :(

5. work on the accessory line with tia that we talked about but never followed through on.

6. stop shopping! i spend all of my money on myself and others that i forget that i need to save for california. i need to slap myself!

7. start up the youtube videos/seeingpink7 show again.

Basically, i have a problem with procrastination and following through on things because i am so comfortable sitting at my desk in solitude for hours. Thats all for now.

x. joelle

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