Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm just going to say this once, then get over it.

It bothers me when people try and throw Bible verses in people's faces, in an attempt to gossip/talk bad about another person whom they "don't like/hate/can't stand". I think that so many times the verse the says "love your neighbor"...blah, blah blah is misused. It makes the genuine Christians look like they are a terrible person for perhaps getting mad at or talking to their friends about someone who has hurt their feelings or hurt them in some way.

I am not perfect, and have never said that I am. I am a struggling Christian who lives in a world of chaos. I make mistakes and can sometimes be a really mean, hurtful person. But never have a used a Bible verse to say that I am superior to someone else, and to prove to someone that they should do what the Bible says because they are wrong in their lifestyle.

Recently I have been battling an issue with gossip. Being a victim of gossip, I have fought back with gossip, which is entirely wrong, and I admit to it. I guess the only way that I am win this battle is to throw my hands up, and just be happy and live my life without harsh words affecting me. It is going to be hard, and I will eventually get through it.

I guess that concludes this crazy blog entry. Just another expression of my feelings from miss gleamo herself.


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