Monday, June 21, 2010

everything is different today, i like it, like it.

I think yesterday was another one of those shit days where stuff is all confusing and it gets in the way of your work.

Mr guitar player guy has gotten the wrong impression of my TOTALLY. But it may have been my own damn fault. The other night (Saturday night) I went out with coworkers and had drinks. Well I am a drunk texter, which is never good. I was texting him the whole time I was there. Bad idea. I was oblivious to what he was saying back to me. Calling my baby and sexy and stuff.

So Sunday rolls around and we are texting and he was starting to get a little bit awkward. Here's how the convo went...

(he was talking about my legs. and said he should probably keep his thoughts to himself.)

Me: probably should. Well if you decide to stop by, let me know. Have a good day!

Him: Lmao they are good thoughts dont get all huffy lol i just think you look goos thats all lol you are quite the hottie.

me: ok and im not getting huffy! lol you could tell i was getting weirded out...thats funny

him: why the hell do you get weirded out about me telling you you are a cutie?????? if a girl like you were to ever talk sweet to me like that would blow my mind

me: i guess it just makes me weird because im not use to if for one. and two you barely talk to me in person. and i guess the whole situation with *INSERTNAMEHERE* is still weird so i feel awkward and stuff.

him: well the reason i barely talk to you in person is because of *INSERTNAMEHERE*! i dont want him thinking im trying anything with you! i don't know what he considers you guys so i dont wanna step on toes! ive learned not to really talk to any girls *INSERTNAMEHERE* brings around lol and for the record i talked to you a lot at *VENUENAME* i had a great time talking to you

me: yeah i was happy that you talked to me there! i think when it comes to *INSERTNAMEHERE* he needs to get himself all taken care of before he can be with anyone, but we like each other so its kind of like im not wanting to be with anyone so i can be with him? if that makes any sense to me

him: yeah lol it makes perfect sense to me girl...have a good one.

Then he stopped talking to me all day. I dont think I have done anything wrong. I have been neutral and non flirty and told him straight up right when he first started talking to me! Whatever.

So then, later that day, I found out that my guy, aka *INSERTNAMEHERE* haha got his phone turned back on and we were texting just random small talk. And I asked him what he wanted me to bring him from cali and he said "haha just come back!" i thought it was so cute. And I said "of course i will, but in 348 im moving* and he said "We'll see lol" So i am thinking that now that i finally said something about liking him, he is reciprocating? or maybe im just reading into things...hmm

well thats all for now. i got a lot of stuff to do. later.


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