Thursday, March 8, 2007

oh how i love "reality" tv

Mmmk so I was uber excited that yesterday was Wednesday due to my all time fav show being on, America's Next Top Model. So I watched it. Good stuff. But then.....a new show came on: The search for the next Pussycat Doll. Pretty awesome. I kept thinking, I can do that....if I only lost about 40 pounds, got hair extensions and implants. Haha but anywho, the best thing about the show was that half the finalists all got a stomach virus...and they actually showed the puke coming out of one girl's mouth. I was happy when they picked a couple of the girls that I actually like to be the 8 final finalists. There is one girl named Sisily that reminds me of Pink. I hope she wins.

On to another "great" TV show, LOST. Yeah, I am counting down the episodes till it is finally over. I used to love the show, now I just wanna see it end. Last night though, the episode wasnt all that bad. It was about Sayid...the hot Iraqui. And Locke smiled when he learned to beat a computer game of chess. I seems like now that it is at 10, and the season keeps dragging on...that it is a waste of time. :( But yet I will still continue to watch it.

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