Wednesday, March 7, 2007

the first.

Alrighty then so this is the very first post of my new lovely blog. Gleamo gal here, and I am here to share my thoughts of fashion, music, tv, music, and life in general in this hell called West Virginia.

That's right. I am stuck here in blizzard central with horrible fashion and no decent clubs. Argh.. But all that is going to change...when I get OUT OF HERE. My dream is to work for the lovely Janice Dickinson with her new modeling agency. I wanna be a booker. Or perhaps I will get to NYC to work in haute couture. We shall see. So follow me on my journey.

This is 2007 and I am starting over. Starting with my health. Eating better and far neither is going all that well. I have gotten sucked into eating sweets...well 100 calorie packs of sweets LOL. And I have yet to visit the rec center, mainly due to the shitty weather. I hate snow. There is no snow in sunny California.

That's all for now. A few thank yous before I go...

1. Thank you to mom who made me the cute countdown to Spring Break.
2. Thank you to Ali who took out the trash.
3. Thank you to VH1 and jumpstart, so I had something to listen to this morning other than the music on my computer, which I am getting sick of.
4. Thank you to for providing me with a new desktop wallpaper.
5. Thank you to Justin, my econ teacher. Without his blog, I wouldnt have found a link to create my own blog.
6. And lastly, thank you to Doc Martin for giving me footwear to get me through the snow.

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