Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yeah, so I think Spring has arrived

Mmmkay so it is definately 80 degrees out. It am sweating like crazy...you know what that means...I have to drink more water. And all the sweating makes me tired too for some reason. Must be a scientific reason, but I am too tired to look it up. So in a few days I will be back home. Seems like just yesterday I was there...oh yeah, DUH. Spring Break.

My Spring Break went well. I got to stay home. I took care of some appointments I needed to go to. And I got to spend time with the family. It was nice.

I really wish I could go shopping right now and get some new clothes. I am so sick of the old stuff I am wearing. I am trying to reinvent myself into a more grown up look. I think it is working. More polos, less graphic tees. Why? Because I had a revelation. I went into a boutique style store when I was home and I realised that I would love to work there this summer. But when I looked down at what I was wearing, my confidence level dropped. There was no way that they would hire me in ripped up jeans, dirty chucks, and a graphic tee. Plus my hair was all messy. So that's when I decided that from now on, when I go to a place where I could potentially be employed, I am going to dress nicer.

Along with the weather and the need for shopping, the woes of springtime love...or lack there of...have arrived. Yes, I want love. Gimmie. Nah, I mean I just want someone to hang out with really. A nice, genuine, cute, funny guy. That's all...seems like too much to ask for these days. I know there is someone out there for me. They might not be in Morgantown, West Virginia...or even in this country. Who knows?? I am just ready now for it. Bring it on.

So I guess that concludes today's blog entry. This is Elle (Joelle) signing off...

(that was gay, but oh well :] )

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