Wednesday, March 21, 2007

School Hard....

So this has been one of the weeks that is packed with school work. I have had papers and speeches to write, studying for tests, and tons of homework (computer science and economics) I am wiped out. This just makes the thought of Spring Break amazing. I think the teachers plan to load us up on work the week before so that we can have extra fun at our designated beachy locations...did I mention I am going to Martinsburg??? No, that is not a tropical Island, it is in West current home town. Though the thought of seeing my family is awesome, I cant help but wish that I was on a plane on my way to somewhere beachy. I havent gone to the beach beach in a loooong time. Last time I spent like a long time at a beach was Spring Break my Freshman year at WVU. It was amazing. We went to Panama City Beach, Florida. I wanna be there right now. On the bright side, I am getting an amazing faux sun tan. Yay for tanning beds. Total boost of self confidence when you've got a new shade of skin...especially one that's not pastey. I get to see my sister. She rocks. And of course, VINNY!!!!!!! The love of my dog. Love that little fella...although, he is rather large. Big chocolate lab. No matter what, looking at his face makes me it. Well, I am off to start some more homework. Fun times. Happy Spring Break.

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